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The international Spiritual Movement, Anjuman Sarfroshan e Islam, International was founded by Hazrat Syedna(Our Lord) Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi Mudda zillahul Aali (Urdu:حضرت سیدناریاض احمدگوھرشاہی مدظلہ العالی) who is a Sunni Muslim Sufi, the spiritual leader and author of many books consisting of the valuable information on Spiritualism and Mysticism. Hazrat Gohar Shahi was born on the 25th November, 19941 in a village "Dhoke Gohar Shah” in the district of Rawalpindi,  Pakistan. He is the fifth generation of the saint and renowned spiritual personality Hazrat Baba Gohar Ali Shah. At the age of twenty, when Hazrat Gohar Shahi was the owner of F. Q. Steel Industries, the quest for spiritualism persuaded him to the saints and dervishes of the time. But after getting disappointed in receiving spiritual benevolence from those saints, he returned and engrossed himself in business and worldly matters. Hazrat Gohar Shahi then married and had three children.

When Hazrat Gohar Shai was at about the age of thirty four, at one night Hazrat Bari Imam(tomb is in Islamabad) appeared before him and said: "My son your time has come, you must go to the shrine of Sultan Bahu to receive the Spiritual Knowledge." Hazrat Gohar Shahi then left every thing and went to shrine of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo. Sultan Bahoo appeared before him and advised to read and act upon his book Nurul Huda (Light of Guidance) and go to Sehwan Sharif, Distt. Dadu, Pakistan. Hazrat Gohar Shahi  read the book Nurul Huda  and went to Sehwan Sharif for self-purification and peace of heart. He visited the tomb of Hazrat Laal Shahbaz Qalander who appeared before him and advised to go to “Laal Bagh” and worship God. He spent a period of three hard years in isolation in the mountains of Sehwan Sharif  and the forest named "Laal Bagh”  for the purpose.

            After achieving the objectives in Lal Bagh Hazrat Gohar Shahi came back to Kotri Sharif , District Jamshoro, and invited people to learn spirituality to recognize and approach Allah(The God). He explained many difficult concepts in Sufism and made every thing easy for common man. Hazrat Gohar Shahi emphsized upon divine  and said it the most important for approaching to God. He bestowed spiritual benevolence without any discrimination of caste, creed, nation or religion. He told that every body is accepted for Love of God as every human has a built-in  ability to develop spiritual power to approach to the essence of God.

            Hazrat Gohar Shahi spread the message of spiritualism,  based on love of God. To serve this purpose he formed International Spiritual Movement Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam in 1980. With in few years the message of Hazrat Gohar Shahi became fairly popular in Pakistan as well as  internationally. Gohar Shahi was invited to mosques, hindu temples, churches, Sikh temples, Imam Bargahs to deliver speech. He was the first ever Muslim Spiritual Leader who was invited by people of all faith in their places of worships.

            Syedna(Our Lord) also authored valuable books on spiritualism  including the book on Sufi poetry known as “Turyaaq-e-Qulb” means “Cure for hearts”. The other books written by Gohar Shahi are as under:

1.      Ruhani Safar (Spiritual Journey)

2.      Menara-e-Noor (Source of Divine Light)

3.      Roshnash (Inroduction)

4.      Tuhfa-tul-Majalis (Gift of Sittings)

5.      Deen-e-Illahi (The Religion of God)


Hazrat Gohar Shahi addressed to large gatherings and congregations  in every part of Pakistan and abroad also. He paid visits to Mosques, Churches, Hindu Temples and Sikh Temples Claims and told the people about spirituality.



Gohar Shahi speaking during International Isme-e-Zaat Allah Conference held in Karachi on 7th October, 1996.





Gohar Shahi in Brokelane's (New York) Jamia Mosque Turk in 1997.




Gohar Shahi addressing to Sikh Community in a Sikh Temple in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 1997.


Gohar Shahi addressing to Christian Community in New York, USA on 2nd October, 1999.



Sarkar Gohar Shahi addressing to Shia Community in Imam Bargah Noor-e-Iman, Karachi in 1997.


Due to day by day increasing popularity and number of followers Hazrat Gohar Shahi faced strong opposition from religious leaders and orthodox theological scholars of different school of  thought who initiated a powerful propaganda against Gohar Shahi that he has declared himself a prophet and Imam Mehdi. Shahi was accused of claiming the status of prophet and Imam Mehdi..

Such allegations were immediately denied by Hazrat Gohar Shahi and he clarified that who claims the status of prophet is not Muslim and his followers are disbeliever as well. Such false propaganda in print media confused the masses to a large extent and those who were in quest of this path were deprived of the benevolence.   

Opponents made many attempts to take the life of Hazrat Gohar Shahi including a petrol bomb attack, thrown into his Manchester residence,  and an attack with a hand grenade during the discourse at his home in Kotri, Pakistan.  A high price tag was put on his head in Pakistan. Many suits against Hazrat Gohar Shahi and His followers were filed and a good numbers of the followers of Hazrat Gohar shahi were jailed.

Hazrat Gohar Shahi's last book “Deen e Elahi” ( The Religion of God) was banned by the Government of Pakistan. Influenced by the hue and cry of the theological scholars government did not allow public meetings/rallies at many occasions and permission granted was withdrawn by the government of Pakistan. No press coverage was allowed to either Gohar Shahi or to his followers due to charges of blasphemy law violations. Several cases were filed against Hazrat Gohar Shahi and his followers.

Hazrat Gohar Shahi used to pay high respect to his father Hazrat Fazal Hussain Gohar Shahi, known as Qibla Abbji Huzoor among the followers of  Hazrat Gohar Shahi. Abbaji Huzoor patronized Anjuman Sarfroshan e Islam, International from 2001 onward and contributed a lot in consolidation and reconstruction of the organization.

In 2004 some of the senior office bearers who considered themselves helpless in that untoward situation left the office and requested  Qibla Abbaji Huzoor to nominate Pervez Akhtar Gohar Shahi, younger brother of Hazrat Gohar Shahi as Almi Ameer(President of the organization.


Acceding to the request made by many senior Zakirs Qibla Abbaji Huzoor nominated the younger brother of Syedna Riaz Ahamd Gohar Shahi as new Almi Ameer. The followers unanimously shown confidence upon the new office bearer. Pervez Akhtar Gohar Shahi, is now leading the spiritual  organization.


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