"I have never claimed to be Mehdi. The false claimant is misled and ill-fated. However, I have elaborated the signs of True Mehdi. As Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has a seal of prophethood at his back Likewise on the back of Mehdi there will be a seal of Mehdi which will be embossed by veins and who so ever will posses this sign we will accept him as Imam Mehdi."

(Syedna Riaz AhmadGohar Shahi)
(Fornightly"Sada E Sarfrosh"1-15Oct1999)


"Learn Spirituality to recognize and approach God Whatever religion or sect you belong to"

اللہ کی پہچان اور رسایی کے لیے روحانیت سیکھو خواہ تمھارا تعلق کسی بھی مذہب یا فرقے سے ہو ۔"

(Syedna Riaz Ahmad Gohar Shahi)